• Sanitation


    Sewer technology has hardly changed in 200 years.
    It’s inefficient, expensive, and wasteful of water and energy. 

    Now there’s a better way.

How It Works

Clearford's system removes solids at the source. A network of small pipes is then able to carry the liquids long distances using much less water and fewer pumps. The segregated liquids allow for easier recovery of clean water that can be safely returned to the environment or reused.

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Why It’s Better

The Clearford system has many proven benefits including easy installation, unconstrained deployment, affordability, efficiency, and durability. These benefits make the Clearford system key to enabling prosperity in developing regions by contributing to Millenium Development Goals.

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Our Projects

  • Wardsville, Ontario

    The Clearford System provided an economical, operational and environmentally superior solution to Wardsville’s wastewater dilemma. Wardsville is a community in southwestern Ontario comprised of both homes and businesses, a large nursing home and a golf course. For several…

  • Village of Field, Ontario

    In response to the quagmire of widespread septic systems failures that polluted local aquifers and wells, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) organized a research competition to seek out a new methodology to transfer sewage to a…

  • Innovista Eco-Park

    Innovista Eco-Park is the largest Greenfield Eco-Industrial Park in Canada. Located in Hinton, Alberta, the park covers a total area of 44ha and has been developed in three phases: (I) 13.5 ha, (II) 6.0 ha and (III) 5.5…

  • Loon Lake Resort

    Loon Lake Resort is a 164 unit condo corporation and resort community resting on 375 acres near Madoc, Ontario. By 2006, many of the existing septic systems were failing, threatening to contaminate the small onsite spring-fed lake. The…