What we do

Clearford Water Systems Inc. is an Ontario based publicly listed company and provider of patented wastewater collection and treatment systems. The Company’s primary offering, Clearford OneTM, is a packaged decentralized communal sewage system which has both a lower capital cost and operations and maintenance costs than existing sewage systems. Clearford has refined and proven its proprietary Clearford OneTM technology over more than 25 years of in-the-field operating performance. The Company, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, has development offices and partnerships in nine countries and owns 91% of UV Pure Technologies Inc. (“UV Pure”), a manufacturer and supplier of Ultraviolet purification products used for water and waste water disinfection.

Proof of performance, reliability and durability are essential for local governments to adopt a waste water collection and treatment system that is different from the conventional system that has performed for centuries. There is no substitute for a decade of excellent performance and evidence that the system will continue that performance for many more decades.

Clearford developed ClearDigest™ and ClearConvey™ and has refined each while building a record of performance in small communities in Ontario, Canada. Ontario is home to 40% of Canadians and enjoys an advanced urban society with environmental standards equal to the best in the world. Performance in Ontario is persuasive both locally and in world markets.

While Clearford was investing in a new method of wastewater collection and primary treatment, dramatic advances were being made by others in final treatment systems. Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) have become highly effective and low cost leaders in secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment. However, sewage delivered through a conventional collection system requires large and costly primary treatment facilities to prepare the wastewater for final MBR treatment. Improved quality of effluent was achieved but total capital and operating costs were even higher than before.

Clearford One™ was introduced in February 2015. It combines ClearDigest™ and ClearConvey™ with ClearRecover™ final treatment and purification by Clearford owned Crossfire® UV treatment. ClearRecover™ is a packaged system (ranging from MBR plants to structured wetlands) selected from leading suppliers and integrated by Clearford to complete the Clearford One™ system.

A community served by Clearford One™ has no minimum water flow required by the sanitary sewage system. The water that allows waste to exit the residence is sufficient for performance of the collection and treatment system. Water released from the system after treatment is clean and 99.9% of pathogens have been removed. No sewage leaks from the collection system and no groundwater infiltrates the system.

Clearford One™ capital cost is approximately 50% lower than a conventional system with operating and maintenance cost also 50% lower.

Our History

1988: MOE funds research into cost effective waste water collection technologies.
1988: Commissioned to install first Small Bore Sewer (SBS).
1989: Company founded as Innovative Water & Sewer Systems Inc. Pilot project in Field, Ont.
1999: First full scale commercial project in Wardsville, Ontario.
2002: IWSSI listed on TSX-V in RTO
2005: Name change From IWSSI to Clearford Industries
2009: Marketing refocused on emerging markets
2012: First international project in Peru
2013: Experimental test site installed in India & Second international project in Colombia.
2014: Launch of Clearford One™ & name change to Clearford Water Systems Inc.
2015: Launch of Pay for Performance delivery model
2015: Third international project in India & First installation of Clearford One™
2015: Sign MOU with Gujurat Water Supply & Sewage Board to bring Clearford One™ to Indian state of Gujarat
2015: Sign contract with Gujarat Road & Infrastructure Company to install first Clearford One™ system in India in a tribal village near Vadodara
2015: Clearford one of only two qualified respondents to an Expression of Interest to provide the town of Everett, Ontario with a sewer system on a Pay for Performance basis
2015: Commence construction of first Canadian Clearford One™ system near Kemptville, Ontario
2016: First Canadian Clearford One™ system is commissioned at Fetherston Park, near Kemptville, Ontario
2016: Clearford ranked in top ten Clean Technology & Life Sciences Sector on the TSX Venture Exchange
2016: Commence construction of phase 2 of Colombian Clearford One™ project
2016: Clearford’s Pay for Performance financing model wins Corporate Innovation award at Ontario Onsite Wateswater Association conference
2016: First Clearford One™ installation in India is commissioned in Jambudiyapura, Gujarat

Clearford’s Leadership Team