India’s first Clearford One™ system improves sanitation for a rural community


April 2016


India’s first Clearford One™ system improves sanitation
for a rural community.

India’s first Clearford One™ system became fully operational this month, bringing a new level of sanitation, public health protection and social responsibility to the 53 homes in Jambudiyapura, a tribal village of Gujarat. Each home now has its own back yard toilet block, shower and kitchen washing facilities, with wastewater collection and treatment provided by the Clearford One system.

The project also offers a new solution to open defecation in India, a well-established cultural practice that the government has committed to end by 2019. According to UNICEF, about 595 million people in India, or about half of the population, defecate in the open, primarily because they do not have access to a toilet. The Jambudiyapura project is the first one delivered by Clearford as part of an MOU signed with Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of Clearford One to rural areas in India.

Clearford One offers rapid installation, simple operation

Clearford One can be rapidly and cost-effectively installed throughout rural areas of India, and can play a major role in improving sanitation for an entire village. In Jambudiyapura, the installation of underground infrastructure, treatment plant and toilet blocks—for every home in the village—was completed in just six months.

How it works

Each toilet block is connected to Clearford’s ClearDigest™ smart digester, which is concealed beneath the ground. The ClearDigest process removes up to 75% of the solids and as much as 65% of the COD and BOD in wastewater. Unlike a conventional digester, the ClearDigest system incorporates a patented mixing vent, which requires no electricity to gently agitate the solids and enhance decomposition. In many cases, a ClearDigest system can operate for 10 years or more before a pump out is needed.

ClearDigest also modulates flow to the ClearConvey™ pipe network, which collects the partially treated effluent from the digesters and moves it to the treatment plant. These sealed HDPE pipes are impervious to leakage or groundwater infiltration and can be sized significantly smaller than conventional sewers since they transport few solids to the treatment plant. This also enables the system in Jambudiyapura to operate without pumping stations or treatment plant headworks, avoiding the cost of equipment, operation and electricity for these systems.

Final effluent is near drinking-water quality

Wastewater treatment, or the ClearRecover™ step for Clearford One, can be achieved through a number of customizable processes ranging from advanced membrane bioreactor systems to simple lagoons. In this case, the design team selected the CAMUS Soil Biotechnology (SBT) process, supplied by India-based Vision Earthcare PVT.

This is a simple, low-energy soil-based system that uses layers of granular media and microorganisms to remove suspended particles and provide biological treatment. There are no moving parts except for feed and discharge pumps. The technology is ideal to bring affordable, high-quality wastewater treatment to rural villages in India, where water is scarce and electrical power is in short supply.

The CAMUS SBT treatment process is simple. Effluent from the ClearDigest smart digesters is pumped over the bioreactor, trickles into the media and bioreactor, then collects in the filtrate tank. Pumps can recirculate the treated effluent to obtain the necessary retention times and effluent quality. The process is odourless, creates little sludge and produces high quality effluent that is near drinking water standards. Specially selected plants cover the surface of the in-ground system, giving it a garden-like appearance and also acting as living indicators of overall system health.

The final treated effluent will be discharged to an approved drainage ditch on neighbouring farmland and will comply with all regulatory requirements set by the Indian government.  Future plans include reusing the treated wastewater to irrigate local crops.

The project is funded by the Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR) department of Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS), one of India’s largest infrastructure companies. CSR is a national initiative in India, where businesses spend part of their profits on social programs that positively impact the communities in which they operate. In this case, it is the Gujarat Road and Infrastructure Company Limited (GRICL), a subsidiary of IL&FS, whose CSR budget is being deployed for this project.

With the successful installation and commissioning, the Clearford One system is now a full-scale demonstration of what can be done to quickly and cost effectively improve sanitation and public health for thousands of villages in rural India.

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