Clearford for CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is mandated by the Government of India. Clearford One is recognized as an opportunity to deploy CSR spending to maximize social and environmental impact in a sustainable way. It also contributes to achieving the Swachh Bharat Mission objectives for improved sanitation across India by 2019.

Clearford’s technology is fully customizable for a variety of CSR applications including:

  • Sanitation for schools,
  • Rural sanitation for villages,
  • Urban sewerage systems, and
  • Mixed land use sanitary servicing.

These packages deliver highly affordable systems that include:

  • Private sanitation facilities with toilets, showers and wash basins;
  • Clearford One sewage system;
  • Recyclable clean water for irrigation or other reuse;
  • One year operation and training program for local operator.
STP Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
The first Clearford CSR project was implemented with funding from IL&FS through its subsidiary Gujarat Road & Infrastructure Co. Ltd. (GRICL) with the Gujarat Government. Learn more.