Projects and Programs in India

Jambudiyapura, Gujarat

The first Clearford One system in India is operating in Jambudiyapura, making it the first open-defecation free tribal village in Gujarat. Complete wastewater servicing was constructed in 2015-16 for 53 homes including new washroom facilities, Clearford’s proprietary sanitary sewer system and a low-maintenance treatment facility.

The project was funded by the Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR) budget for the local Gujarat Road and Infrastructure Company Limited (GRICL)—a subsidiary of Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS), one of India’s largest infrastructure companies. The village was recently serviced with communal drinking water and electricity, however, a new public health problem emerged of greywater ponding near homes. Meanwhile, safety concerns over traditional open-defecation practices remained unaddressed.

Clearford India was selected to deliver sanitary servicing to the village within a strict budget for construction. IL&FS recognized that conventional sewers would not be a sustainable solution because of low water usage in the village—solids would accumulate and choke the sewers. Clearford’s unique small bore sewer design eliminates that problem and uses sealed pipes to prevent contamination of soils and groundwater.

Private washroom buildings were designed to meet the villagers’ needs for washing, bathing and toilet use. Wastewater from each bathroom is collected in a ClearDigest tank that settles solids and starts to break down the waste. The liquid portion is conveyed by gravity through ClearConvey sewers to the ClearRecover facility.

Treatment is provided by a CAMUS-SBT constructed wetland by Vision Earth Care Pvt. Ltd (VEC). This proven soil biotechnology was developed by the Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai. The final discharge will be released to an approved drainage ditch through neighbouring farmland, where effluent quality will meet all Indian Government regulations.

The successful installation of Clearford One in Jambudiyapura is a clear demonstration that sustainable sanitation can be delivered to thousands of villages throughout Gujarat and all of India.

Highlights of Jambudiyapura Clearford One Installation

  • First Clearford One system in India
  • First open-defecation free village in Gujarat
  • Complete washroom design includes private toilet, shower room and washing facilities
  • ClearRecover CAMUS-SBT constructed wetland by Vision Earthcare Pvt.
  • Funded through CSR budget for local subsidiary of IL&FS



Jambudiyapura Village House Bathrooms
Typical house backyard 

Household Toilet Block Jambudiyapura
Constructed washroom building with toilet, shower and wash basin

Jambudiyapura Village wastewater pools
Ponding greywater poses health risk

Village with Toilet Blocks
Village with toilet blocks


Sanitation for Schools

Prime Minister Modi has specifically identified toilets for schools as his administration’s highest priority. While the construction of toilet blocks is relatively straightforward, it is the long-term management of the concentrated sewage at school sites that is the biggest challenge.

Extensive field studies have shown that problems arising from construction of soak pits lead to adverse environmental impacts and significantly decrease the use of toilets.

Clearford One presents an ideal solution to realize the goal of sustainable school toilets across India. A specially designed Clearford One packaged system provides a complete low maintenance end-to-end solution for rural and urban school toilets. The modular design also allows for easy installation and expansion over time.

Pricing for the modular Clearford One Sanitation for Schools package is based on the number of students served at the school. This approach allows for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) departments to maximize the impact of their CSR budgets to install a turnkey and sustainable solution. Clearford India will work with you to deliver your CSR commitments for years to come.


“I call upon the corporate sector also to give priority to the provision of toilets in schools with your expenditure under Corporate Social Responsibility. […] within one year […] we should be in a firm position to announce that there is no school in India without separate toilets for boys and girls.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Independence Day Speech, August 15, 2014

Sanitation for Schools