Clearford One™ Sanitation for Schools



The Challenge

“I call upon the corporate sector also to give priority to the provision of toilets in schools with your expenditure under Corporate Social Responsibility. This target should be finished within one year with the help of state governments and on the next 15th August, we should be in a firm position to announce that there is no school in India without separate toilets for boys and girls.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Independence Day Speech August 15, 2014


Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India


The Champion

“…we will leverage private and civil society innovation, expertise and technology to improve sanitation and hygiene throughout India.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Washington D.C. September 30, 2014

The Solution

Clearford One™ Sanitation for Schools
The widespread delivery of affordable sanitation is the centre piece of Prime Minister Modi’s Swachh Bharat initiative. The Prime Minister has further identified toilets for schools as his administration’s highest priority. While the construction of toilet blocks is relatively straightforward, it is the long-term management of the concentrated sewage that is the biggest challenge. Extensive field studies have shown that problems arising from construction of septic tanks lead to adverse environmental impact, and significantly decrease use of the toilets.

Sanitation for Schools

The Clearford One™ Sanitation for School System
The Clearford One™ Sanitation for Schools system is a modified version of the Clearford One™ system, developed to be a complete end-to-end solution for rural and urban schools. Solids are removed at the source in a ClearDigest™ smart digester, performing primary and partial secondary treatment before releasing a high quality liquid effluent to ClearConvey™, a small bore sewer made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. The liquids are carried without any infiltration or exfiltration to a ClearRecover™ Structured Wetland developed by IIT Mumbai, where effluent is fully treated before being safely returned to the environment. There are no septic tanks or soak pits that can lead to groundwater contamination. The Clearford One™ Sanitation for Schools end-to-end solution has a modular design that allows for easy installation, scalability, and low maintenance.

The Science

Bangalore Test Results 2014
The ClearDigest™ smart digester harnesses the flow of incoming sewage to enhance the digestion of biodegradable material in the tank. Clearford’s patented passive hydraulic mixer uses the kinetic energy of the inflow to gently mix sewage and naturally-occurring bacteria in the tank. The physical and biological processes in the tank are improved, resulting in increased digestion of organic material and a reduced rate of sludge accumulation. This means ClearDigest™ smart digesters only require pump-outs after decades of normal use. Recent side-by-side tests in Bangalore show the significant reduction in sludge accumulation in ClearDigest™ compared to a traditional septic tank. This study was conducted using a nine toilet bank at a workers camp in 2014 and is a good representation of the performance that can be expected from a school toilet bank.

Bangalore Test Results

India Institute of Technology, Bombay – CAMUS-Soil BioTechnology (SBT)™

CAMUS-SBT is very different from other treatment solutions. Unlike other treatment facilities it does not need expensive to operate Aerators or Membrane systems. The secret in CAMUS-SBTTM lies in its unique system biology that is a product of more than two decades of research at IIT Bombay.

CAMUS-SBT™ Features
Low Maintenance: Apart from easily replaceable pumps there are no moving parts in the plant.

High Aesthetics: The SBT unit is generally adorned with plants to give it a garden like appearance.

Low Operating Cost: There are no special machines apart from the process pumps. Therefore the operating power requirements are minimal and operators themselves need minimal training to operate the plant.

No Odor: Conventional treatment plants create a very bad working environment with many noxious fumes. They therefore have to be sited far away from living and working spaces. CAMUS-SBT™ is completely odorless and the output water is not conducive to disease causing insects such as mosquitoes and flies.

CAMUS-SBT™ is a trade mark of Vision Earthcare Pvt Ltd (VEC) and IIT Mumbai.

The Advantage

• Lower cost compared to conventional solutions

• Minimized and simplified maintenance requirements
• Unskilled personnel sufficient to install and operate

• Eliminates groundwater and local water body contamination
• No additional chemicals or cultured bacteria required
• Very low power consumption

• Works in variable and low water supply areas

The Pricing

Sanitation for Schools Pricing

Modular Pricing
Modular pricing for the Clearford One™ Sanitation for Schools System is based on the number of students at a particular school. This approach allows for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) departments to maximize the impact of their CSR budgets to install a turnkey, long-term and environmentally sustainable solution. Our India based team will work with you to help deliver your CSR commitments for years to come. Our products carry a 20 plus year commitment of dependability.

Notes on cost calculations
1. All prices are estimates and may vary as per local conditions.
2. Taxes, local duties and transportation to site of material as per actuals.
3. Smart Digesters are built in-situ RCC concrete tanks of 6000L capacity.
4. Annual operation costs based on 10 installations in nearby area.