Pay-For-Performance: New wastewater infrastructure with no risk or investment


November 2015


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Clearford Pay-for-Performance offers new wastewater infrastructure with no risk or investment

Municipal wastewater collection systems and treatment facilities can now be installed and operated without taking on decades of debt or construction and performance risk. Clearford One™ Pay-for-Performance (P4P™) offers Ontario municipalities a best available technology sanitation system to collect and treat wastewater with only a fixed annual payment.  There is no capital invested by the municipality and payments are earned by performance.

Clearford One is about half the cost of a conventional system, provides superior environmental performance and is about 1/3 less to operate.  The Clearford P4P model enables municipalities to pay only for results, through an annual charge for each connection to the Clearford One system, which covers all aspects of the system including construction, operation and maintenance. Throughout the process, from concept to completion, Clearford is the single point of contact for the client, a benefit that further simplifies implementation and accountability. At the end of the term (typically 20 or 30 years), ownership of the system is transferred to the community at no cost and with decades of useful life remaining. The Clearford One system meets all current MOECC regulation and approval requirements and all in-ground components are expected to provide over 90 years of service.

The Clearford One system provides complete decentralized infrastructure for collecting and treating municipal sewage. It’s three key components include ClearDigest™ smart digesters, ClearConvey™ collection system, and ClearRecover™ treatment process.

A key advantage of the Clearford One system is the ClearDigest smart digester, a simple, compact component that captures all solids and provides primary and partial secondary treatment of the wastewater stream. This innovative step removes solids and enables only liquid fraction of the waste to flow to the treatment plant.

As a result, the ClearConvey collection system and the ClearRecover treatment plant are simpler, smaller, and lower cost than alternative municipal wastewater infrastructure. For many communities, highly efficient and compact membrane bioreactor technology provides final treatment and ensures that the effluent meets the most stringent discharge requirements.

Clearford One’s simplicity, liquids only flow, and optimized treatment plant result in operating costs that are 1/3 lower than conventional systems.

Learn more about the Clearford One P4P solution and how your community can build efficient and reliable wastewater infrastructure without risk or capital cost.

Contact us to discuss your community’s eligibility for the Clearford One P4P and how to get started.

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P4P wastewater system ends decades of sanitation problems for Ontario community

Twenty years of leaky sewers, stomach-turning odours, public health concerns and worries about repair costs are over for residents of the Fetherston Mobile Home Park as Canada’s first Clearford One Pay-for-Performance (P4P) wastewater system is installed.

The new Clearford One system will collect and treat the wastewater from 41 residences in the park as part of a 30-year deal that includes installation and operation of all underground infrastructure and the treatment plant. The P4P approach proved to be the best, most affordable way for the community to replace its failed sewer system and avoid eviction by the municipality.

Clearford One includes three components and starts with the replacement of all septic tanks with ClearDigest smart digesters to contain and treat sewage solids. Liquid from the digesters will flow by gravity through the new ClearConvey small-bore sewer system to ClearRecover, a state-of-the-art membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment plant.  New water supply lines will be installed in the same trench as the ClearConvey sewer pipes, reducing the installation costs to deliver potable water to all residents.

Despite the $1 million capital cost of the water supply and wastewater collection and treatment system, neither residents nor the municipality pay any up-front capital costs. Instead, the park will pay a fixed charge of about $220 per residence for water supply and sewer services. At the end of the 30-year term, the municipality assumes ownership and operational responsibility of the Clearford One system, which will continue to provide decades of reliable performance. In the long run, the P4P solution provides far greater value, reliability and public health protection than repairing the failed septic system.

“Clearford One provides this community with water and wastewater management service that is affordable for residents while providing environmental performance superior to conventional systems “, said  Kevin Loiselle, Clearford’s President and CEO in a press release.

“We believe that Clearford One and the Pay-for-Performance delivery model will allow many communities in Ontario to meet wastewater management needs without being burdened by debt and with full life cycle service charges significantly lower than the cost of conventional systems,” Mr. Loiselle said.

Learn more about the Clearford One system and the Pay-for-Performance model.

Contact us to discuss a risk-free, no capital cost wastewater system for your community.

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