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January 2016


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What’s the best decentralized wastewater system for your community? Clearford One™ offers many options.

The Clearford One™ system changes the rules for sizing and selecting wastewater treatment plants—enabling major reductions in footprint as well as capital and operating costs.

How? ClearDigest™ smart digesters remove solids at the source and eliminate about 75% of the solids that reach the treatment plant. This first step in the Clearford One system also helps regulate flow and moderate peaks, which reduces the need to oversize collection and treatment systems. Next, liquid effluent is transported to the treatment plant through ClearConvey™, a small-bore sewer with fused joints to eliminate groundwater infiltration—which in a conventional system can add a significant amount of additional flow to the treatment plant.

As a result, ClearRecover™ treatment plants receive wastewater with predictable flows and characteristics, enabling designers to specify smaller plants and select from a broad range of technologies to optimize performance, simplicity, affordability and energy consumption. And since fewer solids reach the plant, headworks equipment is not required for a ClearRecover system, which helps provide further reductions in the overall capital, operating and maintenance costs of Clearford One.

By reducing variability in wastewater characteristics, Clearford engineers can employ a more flexible approach in selecting treatment technologies to meet the needs of a community.

The two recent projects, described below, show how local requirements, regulations and capabilities influence the selection of vastly different technology approaches for ClearRecover treatment facilities—ranging from an advanced membrane bioreactor system to a natural, low-energy, soil biotechnology approach.

Compact, automated MBR brings performance and reliability to mobile home park

A compact, containerized membrane bioreactor (MBR) system anchors the recently installed Clearford One system at the Fetherston Mobile Home Park, near Kemptville, Ontario. The selection of MBR technology for the ClearRecover step not only provides the community with a robust treatment process to meet stringent discharge requirements, it also offers simple, automated operation that meets budget considerations for the project.

The Clearford One system was installed under a Clearford Pay-for-Performance (P4P) agreement that includes installation and operation of all underground infrastructure, the MBR treatment plant and water services.

Read more about the project and Clearford P4P.

“Advances in membrane technology have contributed to significant reductions in capital and operating costs of MBR systems,” says Wilf Stefan, Chief Technology Officer and Vice-president of Engineering for Clearford. “This MBR system, supplied by Koester Canada, also incorporates new Fibracast FibrePlate next generation membrane technology, which helps reduce costs through higher flux rates, lower energy consumption and optimized cleanings that require less chemical use.” According to Koester President, Richard Nie, the MBR plant is among the most energy efficient that the company has ever made and requires only about 50 amps of power to operate.

Koester worked closely with Clearford and Fibracast to design and manufacture a robust, fully automated MBR system that considers the full lifecycle costs. Since Koester will also operate the plant as part of the Clearford 30-year P4P contract, the company is careful to select components that not only offer capital cost savings, but also facilitate efficient construction and reliable, long-term operation.

Their efforts paid off. In just seven weeks, Koester manufactured and installed the ClearRecover MBR system at Fetherston. Once fully commissioned later this month, the Clearford One system will provide the 41 homes in Fetherston with industry-leading infrastructure and long-term maintenance and operations at an affordable monthly fee for each connection.

The MBR system is currently capable of treating an average flow of 30 m3/day. As the community grows, the modular system can easily be expanded, within the existing sea container, to accommodate increased flows or more stringent discharge standards. Treated effluent from the plant will be released to a dry ditch and will meet or exceed the following discharge objectives:

  • CBOD5: 5 mg/L
  • TSS: 5 mg/L
  • Total ammonia nitrogen: 4 mg/L winter, 2 mg/L summer
  • Total phosphorus: 0.1 mg/L
  • E. coli: 80 cfu/100 mL

Learn more about Clearford One and how the P4P financing model can bring new, state-of-the-art wastewater infrastructure to your community without any risk or investment.

Contact us to discuss a Clearford One decentralized treatment system for your community.

Learn more about Koester capabilities for design, manufacturing and  operation of municipal and industrial water and wastewater infrastructure.

Learn more about the performance advantages of Fibracast hybrid membrane technologies for MBR systems.

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Rural village improves sanitation with innovative soil-based wastewater system

A Clearford One system, servicing a rural village in India, will use a simple, low-energy soil-based technology to provide wastewater treatment in the ClearRecover step. This approach is ideal to bring affordable, high-quality wastewater treatment to rural villages in India, such as Jambudiyapura, Gujarat, where water is scarce and electrical power is in short supply.

The Clearford One system is providing Jambudiyapura with a complete wastewater collection and treatment solution for 51 homes in the village, including toilet and bathing blocks.

ClearRecover will incorporate a CAMUS Soil Biotechnology (SBT) process, supplied by Vision Earthcare PVT. This easy-to-operate robust system is a constructed soil filter that uses layers of granular media and microorganisms to remove suspended particles and provide biological treatment. There are no moving parts except for feed and discharge pumps.

The CAMUS SBT treatment process is simple. Effluent from the ClearDigest smart digesters is pumped over the bioreactor, trickles into the media and bioreactor, then collects in the filtrate tank. Pumps can recirculate the treated effluent to obtain the necessary retention times to achieve regulated effluent quality. The process is odourless, creates little sludge and produces high quality effluent that is near drinking water standards. Specially selected plants cover the surface of the in-ground system, giving it a garden-like appearance and also acting as living indicators of overall system health.

This project is the first delivered as part of an MOU signed with the Gujarat Water Supply and Sewage Board to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of Clearford One with CAMUS SBT to rural areas in the State of Gujarat. Read more.

Learn more about the advantages of the Clearford One system for your community.

Contact us to discuss a complete wastewater solution for your community at an affordable, monthly per-connection fee.

Learn more about the CAMUS SBT system and Vision Earthcare PVT.

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 Clearford in the news

Clearford Water Systems Commences Installation of Clearford One™ to Provide $1 million Wastewater Collection and Treatment System for Fetherston Mobile Home Park in North Grenville Ontario

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Clearford Water Systems signs first India contract to implement Clearford One™ in Gujarat rural village

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Clearford One Commissioning

Fetherston Mobile Home Park

Feb. 18, 2016

Fetherston Mobile Home Park

North Grenville, ON

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2016 OOWA Annual Conference and

Trade Show

  March 6 – 8, 2016Ambassador Hotel and Conference Ctr.Kingston, ONAttend our presentation:

  The Fetherston Mobile Park: An Ongoing

Case Study in Innovation

Wilf Stefan and Gillian Dumencu

March 7, 2016, 1:40 – 2:20 p.m.

Learn more about Clearford One P4P

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