May 2016 – ClearConvey Sewers. Simpler, smaller, more reliable, more affordable.

May 2016


Sewers that will last into the next century

Are you confident that your concrete, plastic or metallic sewers can last 50 years without leaking?

What about 75 years?

Most conventional sewers don’t make it that far.

Corrosion, ground movement, improper installation, pressure surges and even tree roots are just a few factors that can cause sewer lines to leak and eventually fail.

But a Clearford ClearConvey™ sewer doesn’t face such issues. This innovative small-bore sewer system is constructed from sealed HDPE pipes, making it impervious to leakage or groundwater infiltration, and resistant to damage from ground movement. For the communities that chose this system, it means nearly a century of trouble-free sewers and many other economic and environmental benefits.

The advantages of the ClearConvey sewer

ClearConvey is the wastewater collection system for the Clearford One system—a complete

package of wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure that offers major advantages

over the conventional approach to municipal wastewater treatment. Rather than sending the entire waste stream to a large treatment plant, Clearford One starts solids separation and treatment right at the source. Each property is equipped with a ClearDigest™ smart digester that removes up to 75% of the solids and as much as 60% of the COD and BOD in wastewater. Since the majority of solids are removed in the digester, the ClearConvey sewer system incorporates a unique design that outperforms conventional sewers in every area including operation, maintenance, cost and reliability. The advantages of a ClearConvey sewer network include:

No leakage or infiltration:

Each joint in the ClearConvey sewer is thermally fused to seal the HDPE pipe and make it the

strongest point in the sewer line. Joints in conventional concrete, metallic or plastic pipes can’t

form a perfect joint and eventually leak. The sealed ClearConvey sewer, combined with the

flexible properties of the HDPE material, makes the system much more resilient and resistant to

ground movement. As a result, the ClearConvey sewer has a lifespan of 90 years and won’t be

subject to groundwater infiltration or leak contaminants into the environment.

Conventional sewer pipes (top) can separate and crack, allowing groundwater to leak in and sewage to leak out.

The flexible, sealed HDPE ClearConvey sewer is resistant to separation and cracking and has a rated lifespan of 90 years.

Smaller sewers:

Since 75% of solids are removed by onsite ClearDigest systems, sewer pipes can be sized smaller and can maintain cleansing velocity with lower slope. This contributes to substantial savings in capital and installation costs for the sewer by minimizing excavation costs and reducing the number of pumping stations as compared to conventional sewers. As residences and businesses adopt new water-saving appliances and fixtures—and consequently reduce the flow and velocity of water within a sewer network—Clearford sewers will have no trouble transporting the lower volumes of water. Conventional sewers; however, which are designed to transport solids along with a high volume of wastewater, might face some tough challenges.

Smaller treatment plants:

Eliminating infiltration to the sewer system means that treatment plants don’t have to be sized to accommodate the additional flow. As a result, a ClearRecover treatment plant can be at least 25% smaller than one servicing a conventional sewer system. This is a stark contrast to treatment plants served by conventional sewers, which must be sized to handle an additional 90 litres per person per day—just to accommodate for groundwater infiltration. The ClearDigest tank further eases the load to the treatment plant by modulating peaks and reducing the need for solids handling at the plant. In many cases, a ClearRecover plant can be built without any headworks at all.

A compact, containerized membrane bioreactor system provides robust, automated treatment and high quality effluent for a Clearford One system at the Fetherston Mobile Park in Ontario.

Fewer components and lower capital costs:

HDPE pipe is flexible and available in rolls that are hundreds of feet long. These characteristics enable the pipe to be installed in a single length until there’s a need to add a fitting. The flexible pipe can also follow a contoured path without the need for elbows or manholes to change direction. These factors all contribute to significant savings in capital and installation costs.

Side-by- side water and wastewater lines:

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change recognizes the robust, leak-resistant properties of the sealed ClearConvey pipe and permits this sewer line to be installed in

the same trench as water lines. This not only reduces disruption to roadways during installation, but also contributes to greater efficiency and lower costs when installing water and wastewater infrastructure.

No FOG or fatbergs:

Fats, oils and grease remain in the ClearDigest tank where they are naturally digested by the microbial population. As a result, the ClearConvey sewer is not subject to FOG-related clogs, odours and expensive cleanouts that municipal sewers and pumping stations often face.

Pay for Performance:

In many cases, municipalities can take advantage of Clearford’s Pay-for-Performance (P4P) financing program, which provides new wastewater infrastructure without taking on decades of debt or risky construction and performance promises. The P4P model enables municipalities to pay only for results, through a monthly fee for each connection to the Clearford One system, which covers all aspects of the system including construction, operation and maintenance.

Read how the Clearford One system and P4P financing helped the small Ontario

community of Fetherston replace leaking septic systems and upgrade to an environmentally responsible decentralized wastewater system and a new water distribution network.

Learn more about the ClearConvey sewer system.

Contact us to see how a ClearConvey sewer and Clearford One system can bring new cost-effective, easy-to- operate wastewater infrastructure to your community.

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