Jambudiyapura, Gujarat

Jam AerialJam WetlandJambudiyapura, a tribal village in Gujarat, will receive the first Clearford One™ system in India. The system in Jambudiyapura services 53 homes and includes back yard toilet blocks with shower and kitchen washing facilities for each home, making it the first open-defecation free village in Gujarat.

The toilet blocks have been built to incorporate ClearDigest Smart Digesters and water supply tanks within the structural design. The Jambudiyapura project will employ a CAMUS-SBT structured wetland as the ClearRecover module. This will be delivered under the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed on February 10, 2015 with Vision Earth Care Pvt. Ltd (VEC). VEC was created to commercialize the wetland technology development by the Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai. The final discharge will be released into an approved drainage ditch on the neighbouring farmland, where effluent quality will meet all Indian government regulations.

The project is funded by the Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR) department of Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS), one of India’s largest infrastructure companies. It is the Gujarat Road and Infrastructure Company Limited (GRICL), a subsidiary of IL&FS, whose CSR budget is being deployed for this project. It is anticipated by all parties that a successful installation will result in a product that can be delivered to thousands of villages throughout the state Gujarat and India.

Highlights of Jambudiyapura Clearford One™ InstallationJam Toilet Blocks

  • First Clearford One™ system in India
  • First open defecation free village in Gujarat
  • Toilet blocks include toilet, shower, and kitchen washing facilities
  • ClearRecover: CAMUS-SBT structured wetland, developed by IIT Mumbai and delivered by Vision Earthcare Pvt.
  • Funded by IL&FS’s CSR department through their subsidiary GRICL