White Tail Ridge, Almonte, Ontario

WTR LogoWTR HomeWhite Tail Ridge, was originally an approved 90 residential dwelling subdivision located 20 minutes from Ottawa in the town of Almonte.  It is anticipated that the utilization of the SBS® collection system could enable an additional 85 residential dwellings to be constructed by reducing hydraulic and biological loadings.  Consequently, the final planned development utilizing the Clearford SBS® based solution resulted in a total of 175 residential dwellings.  These have been planned for White Tail Ridge development over 3 phases with Phase 1 consisting of 76 residential dwellings, Phase 2 consisting of 48 residential dwellings, and Phase 3 consisting of 51 residential dwellings.


Highlights of White Tail Ridge SBS® Installation 

  • WTR DiagramIncreased density of original plan from 90 to 175 new connections feeding into traditional sewage collection system
  • 75 mm – 100 mm HDPE collection network with 1.7 km force main to existing sewage collection and treatment
  • Common trench utilized for both water delivery & sanitary water removal from the subdivision
  • The homes all include water conservation appliances and the hydraulic flowrate is only 60% of the design flowrate. During the build-out phase of a new subdivision, this very low hydraulic flowrate might not be enough in a conventional sewer design to provide adequate cleansing velocity resulting in solids build-up in the pipes. CCTV inspections in 2015 indicate no solids accumulation in the pipe network.
  • Both the Municipality and Operator recommend the system due to its low maintenance requirements.