With Clearford One™ communities pay only for results.

Clearford One™ Pay-for-Performance (P4P):

  • No capital costs to the municipality
  • Total private sector assumption of construction and operating risk
  • Meets all MoE regulation and approval requirements
  • Expected useful life of all in-ground components exceeds 90 years

For a Monthly Service Fee:

  • Construction of a Clearford One™ system tailored to your requirements
  • Operations and maintenance over life of the long-term Services Agreement
  • Guaranteed performance
  • No cost transfer of ownership to municipality at end of term
  • Monthly Service Fee is a fixed payment, per connection, subject only to inflation and flow adjustment

How Does Pay-for-Performance (P4P) Sanitation Work?

The proven efficiencies and reliability of Clearford One™ make it possible to build and operate sanitation infrastructure in Ontario with total assumption of risk by the private sector. This means a municipality of almost any size in Ontario can establish modern sewage collection and treatment infrastructure without incurring capital costs, or taking on construction and operating risk.Municipalities only pay for the results with monthly, per connection, fees that reflect substantially lower total costs compared to traditional sanitation infrastructure under direct municipal ownership. The Clearford One™ P4P is a Design-Build-Finance-Maintain-Transfer (DBFMT) funding model uniquely available to Ontario municipalities.

Enabling Municipalities to Deliver Modern Sanitation

Municipal taxing authority is limited to property taxes. However, rates based on service levels can be levied for specific services including water and sewage. Traditional sanitation systems are costly to install and maintain, making it challenging for municipalities to fund debt capacity, and expensive for ratepayers. Clearford One™ changes this dynamic, making affordable performance-based pricing available. The complete ownership of the Clearford One™ system is transferred without cost to the municipality at the end of a 20 to 30 year Services Agreement.

Modern Sanitation, Proven in Ontario

The Clearford One™ system is certified by Ontario’s New Environmental Technology Evaluation (NETE) program, and has been approved for projects by the Ontario Ministry of Environment. Clearford Water Systems installed its first system in Ontario in 1999, and today has several installations operating successfully.