Benefits of the Clearford One™ System

1. Easier Installation

ClearConvey™ small bore sewers are flexible plastic pipes that are easily installed using open trench or trenchless construction methods. ClearDigest™ tanks are lightweight plastic, brick or concrete that can be rapidly installed at any site. The ClearRecover™ treatment plant requires fewer treatment operations and less tankage than conventional plants, resulting in quicker installation and commissioning.

2. Flexible Deployment

The Clearford One™ system allows more flexible deployment to suit communities’ needs. Topography, soil conditions and land use are easily accommodated by the use of flexible pipes for solids-free wastewater conveyance. This makes Clearford One™ well suited for servicing existing communities that previously developed without the rigid constraints of conventional sewers or septic systems.

3. More Affordable

Clearford One™ is less expensive to install than conventional sanitary collection and treatment systems. Sanitary sewers can be installed alongside potable water services in the same trench for significant construction cost savings. But the largest savings will come through lower lifecycle operating and maintenance costs.

4. Longer Lasting

ClearDigest™ and ClearConvey™ components are installed to last underground for over 90 years—almost twice as long as conventional sewer systems. That means maintenance disruptions and renewal costs are significantly less for communities.

5. Prosperity Enabling

Clean water and sanitation are basic needs that lead towards a healthy and prosperous society. Clearford One™ is recognized by the World Bank as being uniquely suited to deliver affordable modern sanitation to the water-scarce and developing regions of the world.

6. Less Water Usage

Clearford One™ has no minimum water usage requirement unlike conventional sewers that rely on water flow to convey sewage solids. This is extremely valuable for water-scarce regions and communities that are succeeding in water conservation and recovery efforts.

7. More Sustainable

Clearford One™ follows a unified lifecycle approach towards responsible water management and sanitation for communities. The system enables low water usage, minimal power consumption, and smaller ecological footprint during construction and operation.