About Us

Clearford is a new kind of water management company. We deliver unified water infrastructure solutions with sector-leading efficiency and reliability. Our comprehensive offering combines innovative water and wastewater technologies with full solutions design, deployment, operations, and project finance services.

About Clearford Water Systems

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Clearford has support offices across Ontario and development offices in India and Colombia. We are active in supporting existing installations and taking on new projects in Ontario, New York State, India and Latin America. Our diverse team includes licensed engineers and operators in the Province of Ontario, and we partner with local firms internationally to deliver innovative water solutions to meet any water management objectives.

In November 2017 Clearford acquired Koester Canada, now Clearford Water Solutions, and its Team Aquatic operations division, now Clearford Waterworks, assembling the pieces necessary to offer unique integrated water technologies and services under a utility-like business model. Clearford also owns 91% of UV Pure Technologies, a manufacturer of advanced water disinfection systems.

Our technology-based water solutions include Clearford One® wastewater infrastructure systems, Clearford M-brane™ packaged treatment solutions, and a full range of UV Pure® water disinfection products. We also offer Pay-for-Performance (P4P®) financing of our water solutions with complete project delivery services.

Clearford solutions are recognized for innovation and leadership in the water industry: Clearford One received the Frost & Sullivan 2017 Award for Global Decentralized Water & Wastewater Treatment; P4P financing was recognized for Corporate Innovation in 2016 by the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association; and UV Pure has received numerous accolades as a top clean tech company. Internationally, the Clearford One solution was shortlisted in the Best Innovation Category for the 2017 India Sanitation Coalition-FICCI Sanitation Awards.

Clearford Koester Canada

Clearford Koester Canada is our treatment solutions group based in Hamilton, Ontario. The division designs and fabricates innovative technologies and modular process systems for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment applications. Building on the division’s foundation of equipment-based solutions and customer service, our treatment division integrates technologies into advanced treatment products to address any water management challenge.

Clearford ASI

Clearford ASI, formerly ASI Water, is our newest division of water system operators, engineers and technical specialists. ASI Water specializes in water and wastewater operations and engineering – from preliminary environmental impact surveys or needs assessment, through design and construction, and continuing with project management, contract plant operations, inspections, and repair. Many companies choose ASI with the knowledge that bringing an operations team early into the design process will ensure the approved design will be operator-friendly, providing clients with peace of mind.

Combining Clearford’s and ASI Water’s capabilities have sparked significant synergies, and teaming up with ASI Water certainly creates exciting new opportunities for growth and leveraging our expanded operational capacity.

Learn more at the ASI Water website.

Clearford Waterworks

Clearford Waterworks Inc. is our operating division—and the largest operator of privately owned communal water and wastewater treatment systems in Ontario. Clearford Waterworks provides full-service water infrastructure management for communities, recreational and private sites. The division was established with the acquisition of Koester Canada, now Clearford Water Solutions, which included the company’s Team Aquatic operating group with extensive in-field operations and maintenance experience, regulatory compliance support, technical expertise, and asset management services.

Learn more at the Clearford Waterworks (formerly Koester Team Aquatic) website.

Clearford UV

UV Pure Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of Clearford Water Systems and manufacturer of advanced ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection systems for residential, commercial, industrial, public and municipal applications. The company’s patented Crossfire Technology® is a recognized innovation in water disinfection with over 18,000 installations worldwide since 1998, and earning an Artemis Top 50 Clean Tech Company award, two Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards, and a Canadian Drinking Water Association award for innovation.

Learn more at the UV Pure website.