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Clearford Water Systems is an Ottawa-based Canadian water company providing innovative water and wastewater systems and services to communities in North America. Our core Small Bore Sewer (SBS) technology was developed over 25 years ago for a pilot study with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and is recognized as a reliable and affordable alternative to conventional sanitary servicing in small and rural communities.

Today, Clearford offers a full suite of water infrastructure-related solutions to better manage communities’ water resources and built assets. Please contact us to discuss how your project can benefit from Clearford’s unique water technologies and services.

Projects in North America

Silo Ridge, New York

The 800-acre lifestyle development at Silo Ridge required year-round wastewater treatment for 250 homes and community facilities including a golf club, restaurants and a winery. Clearford developed a unique solution for financing and delivery of a phased M-brane membrane bioreactor plant with advanced treatment and automation technologies inside easy-to-ship modules. The first phase of the plant was custom built and delivered to site within 10 weeks, and meets the strict discharge limits to protect the local receiving waterbody.


Fetherston Park, Ontario

The Fetherston Park is a 41-unit residential community located 60 km south of Ottawa, Ontario. The original water infrastructure dating back 50 years included a small drinking water system, sanitary sewers and five communal septic systems. After decades of poor maintenance of onsite water systems, the existing infrastructure threatened public health and the local environment. Clearford worked with the community to create technical and financial solutions for the complete replacement of water and wastewater infrastructure at the site, including a Clearford One system with containerized M-brane treatment plant funded through the Clearford P4P program.


Wardsville, Ontario

The Clearford Small Bore Sewer (SBS) solution provided an economical, operational and environmentally superior solution to Wardsville’s wastewater dilemma. The small community in southwestern Ontario with 170 homes and local businesses was experiencing the progressive failure of its communal and private sewage systems, with raw sewage surfacing in the community and contaminating local wells and watercourses. In 1999, the community chose a Clearford sanitary servicing solution over the conventional ‘big pipe’ sewer approach. Installation of the Clearford system was affordable for residents and minimized disruption to the community during construction.


White Tail Ridge, Ontario

The White Tail Ridge project outside of Almonte, Ontario depended on finding a suitable wastewater servicing solution for the proposed 90 home subdivision. The municipal wastewater treatment lagoon was already operating near capacity, but the developer’s engineering team provided supporting information to the municipality that the lagoon’s capacity would not be exceeded if the subdivision was serviced by a Clearford Small Bore Sewer (SBS) system. Not only was the project approved, use of the Clearford system enabled construction of an additional 85 homes by reducing the hydraulic and biological loadings to the municipal wastewater system.


Loon Lake Resort, Ontario

Loon Lake Resort is a 164‑unit condo corporation and waterfront resort community near Madoc, Ontario. Many of the existing septic systems were failing in 2006, threatening to contaminate a small spring-fed lake and restricting the corporation’s plans to expand the park. With a limited budget, the community decided to implement an affordable Clearford wastewater collection system and a low-cost onsite treatment technology with a subsurface disposal field that the corporation can operate itself with minimal maintenance and half the operating cost of a conventional sewer system.


Colborne Industrial Park, Ontario

The Colborne Industrial Park in Cramahe Township is located along busy Highway 401 between Toronto and Kingston. While evaluating the proposed expansion of the The Big Apple local attraction, the Township Council decided to initiate communal sanitary servicing in the area to help stimulate economic development in the Industrial Park. After considerable research, Council chose to install a Clearford wastewater solution instead of a conventional ‘big pipe’ sewer system in order to use less capacity in the downstream municipal sewers and treatment facility, and to phase expenditures for capital costs in an environment of slow economic growth. In the 15 years since initial construction, the Industrial Park has accommodated the expansion and addition of eight local businesses.


Lakepoint Village, Ontario

The Lakepoint Village subdivision development near Orillia, Ontario is an adult lifestyle community with a clubhouse and approximately 300 new homes implemented in three phases. The developer was seeking a cost effective and eco-friendly solution for building water infrastructure at the site, which has difficult soil conditions and shallow groundwater in addition to being located less than a kilometer away from the shore of environmentally sensitive Lake Simcoe. In addition to providing a technical solution for wastewater servicing, Clearford arranged a capital cost financing solution that allowed the project to proceed through the first phase of construction.


Carp Airport, Ontario

When the opportunity arose to purchase a small airport and develop the surrounding lands in the City of Ottawa, West Capital Developments had a clear vision for a unique residential, business and recreational community near the Village of Carp. A major hurdle in the development was devising a decentralized water infrastructure servicing strategy that would be approved by the City and regulatory agencies for the site near the Ottawa River. Clearford’s Small Bore Sewer technology became a core component of that strategy, providing collection and pre-treatment of wastewater from 329 new homes constructed in phases.


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