Vision & Leadership

Our Vision

Water infrastructure management is changing, and Clearford is leading the way.

While large scale solutions have a place in an increasingly urban world, the runaway costs of maintaining these centralized facilities pose a significant challenge to society. The land required and environmental impacts are equally amplified in ways we are only just recognizing, as earth and water resources become more stressed.

Clearford is committed to a different model of sustainability—one that seeks local solutions that respect people and the environment.

Clearford’s approach to optimizing the design and installation of water infrastructure for long term sustainability enables responsible development and prosperity for communities. Clearford solutions are more efficient, longer lasting and less expensive than conventional systems.


Wilf Stefan, COO

Wilf leads the day to day operations and delivery activities for Clearford. During his career, he has held various roles in industry sectors including water and wastewater treatment, mining, oil & gas exploration, high tech, food processing, and university research. Wilf has worked and lived in West Africa and the Netherlands. Wilf received his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Saskatchewan and his M.B.A. from the University of Ottawa. He has worked on various volunteer boards and organizations, and is currently a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol providing first aid.

Les Szpunar, Vice President

Les leads the Clearford Rapid response team and is responsible for the implementation of new technology to optimize service delivery in the operations group.

Mr. Szpunar is an operations leader over 20 years of senior level experience in the water and wastewater industry. His significant depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in the Ontario market includes design, build and operations services for new and established water and wastewater facilities. Les is a consummate, hands-on operational problem solver. While experienced and accomplished as a professional engineer, he is a frequent visitor to Clearford operated water and wastewater plants where he applies his advanced technical and performance knowledge of water and wastewater design principles to assess and implement facility process changes to improve operational performance at Clearford-operated treatment works. Les holds two master’s degrees in Environmental Engineering from the University of Toronto, Canada, and the University of Rzeszow, Poland.

Andrew Vitaterna, Vice President of Business Development

Andrew is responsible for managing the business development and expansion of the operations group at Clearford. A professional engineer since 1987, Andrew’s experience in water, wastewater, and landfill design, build and operations spans 30 years. He spent the first 13 years of his career in the consulting engineering business designing decentralized water and wastewater treatment systems. Andrew is a gradate from the University of Western Ontario where he obtained a Civil Engineering degree. An active professional in the community, Andrew is a member of numerous water associations.

John Levie, Vice President of Engineering

John leads the Clearford’s engineering group and specializes in delivery of design and regulatory approval for new and expanded water and wastewater infrastructure. Mr. Levie has diverse experience with a career originally in plastics and polymer processing following his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering at McMaster University. For a brief period, John worked in the Reactor Safety Group at Bruce Power in the early 90s before he shifted back into his studies and obtained his Master of Engineering (Chemical) degree.