Clearford India Update Q4 2023

By Sanjay Deshpande, Executive Director & Head of Operations, Clearford India

The Clearford India team experienced a highly active Fourth Quarter of 2023, juggling multiple projects, collecting data for new and potential initiatives, and preparing proposals for prospective work. During this quarter, Clearford saw the departure of our Hydraulic Designer who resigned to pursue a career in architecture. With limited staff, the team banded together and supported each other to complete the tasks at hand during this busy time.

Presented below is a summary of Clearford’s most recent project advancements in India.

Projects Completed

Hathiyana Village, Assam

The Hathiyana Village project was successfully completed and handed over to the villagers, following training sessions on operations and maintenance.

Pictured 1: Trained Operators Along With The Control Panel & STP

Further details about the projects completed and underway can be found in the blog post:
Clearford India Update Q3 2023.

New Projects

Throughout this quarter, the Clearford India team continued to identify prospects in the new verticals established in 2022-23.

Ghoramara Village, Assam

Clearford India secured a new Corporate Social Responsibility funded project in the State of Assam from Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Co. Ltd. The project is located in the village of Ghoramara, marking this as the 5th project awarded to Clearford India by this corporate entity. The continued collaboration further demonstrates their satisfaction with the quality of work delivered by Clearford India, despite the challenges faced during the pandemic years.

Pictured 2: Ghoramara Village, Assam

HINDALCO Muri Unit – Phase 2Clearford India is in the final stages of negotiating Phase 2 of the project at the HINDALCO Unit in Muri, Jharkhand following the completion of Phase 1 in September 2023, The upcoming phase is expected to be larger in scope, and negotiations are primarily focused on defining the client’s requirements. The purchase order is expected to be finalized by the end of Q4 2023.

Pictured 3: HINDALCO, Muri Map

Potential Projects

As a key element of Clearford India’s strategic plan to diversify into new project verticals, the fourth quarter saw strong efforts to engage with the Indian Armed Forces. Clearford India’s Executive Director & Head of Operations, Mr. Deshpande, provided a briefing to the Army at the Central Command HQ in Lucknow. This led to the Army’s decision to assess the Clearford One System by building a small pilot within the Lucknow Cantonment at their own expense. Initially consisting of only a single 20,000 L Clearford Smart Digester, the pilot project is now expanding to include a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) as well.

Pictured 4: Digester Installation Underway, Lucknow Cantonment

This initiative has not only resulted in the ongoing installation of the digester in Lucknow Cantonment but has also generated two inquiries from the Indian Army regarding the design of sewers for some of their remote military bases in the Himalaya Mountain Range and its foothills. Additionally, Clearford India is actively collaborating with the Lt. Governor of the Union Territory of Ladakh to design a sewer solution for the War Hero’s Colony. This colony is made up of houses that belong to the family members of military servicemen who sacrificed their lives on duty. Design work for the Detailed Project Report (DPR) is underway and this project is scheduled to commence in April 2024.

Pictured 4: War Hero’s Colony, Ladakh

Canada Trade Missions

The gradually improving relations between Canada and India were showcased by the relaunching of Trade Missions/Outreaches in the Urban and CleanTech Sectors. Clearford India received an invitation to participate in several of these missions. After careful analysis and evaluation of the proposed meetings, Clearford India decided to join two of the missions to the Indian State of Odisha and Nepal.

The meetings in Odisha proved to be very interesting, generating a widespread interest at both the governmental level and private sector. Primary interest was focused on the potential of the Clearford One system in addressing sanitation issues and improving Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) rankings, respectively. In the coming days, Clearford India’s focus will mainly be on engaging private companies and the Odisha Government.

Pictured 5: Mr. Deshpande (third from left) at mission in the Indian State of Odisha

Global Project Exploration

Internationally, the India office continues to explore project opportunities in five countries: Senegal, Mauritius, Ethiopia, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

During this quarter, Clearford hosted online discussions with intermediaries in Mauritius. It was suggested that any approach to the region should be postponed until after their elections scheduled for 2024, as the focus would be on the electoral process during that time.

Clearford also participated in the CleanTech Trade Mission to Nepal, which was organized by the Canadian Government, and attended by the Canadian High Commissioner on the last day of the event. The primary objective of this mission was to identify potential local partners to execute projects, considering the sustained interest Clearford has received from the region over the years. Discussions are now underway with three such entities to determine the best fit for our requirements.

Alongside, Clearford visited two potential project sites located at a resort in the hills about two hours north of Kathmandu and at a polluted small river within the city . The local government has expressed interest in cleaning up the latter. Positive discussions were held with three local industry chambers, as well as the Mayor and Engineering Team of the City of Lalitpur. The engagements aimed to explore collaborative opportunities and lay the groundwork for potential projects in the region.

Clearford India in the News

Pictured 6: Aditya Soni

Mr. Deshpande, a key representative of Clearford India, has been invited to join in a panel discussion on the concept of Zero Waste and the Circular Economy in the concept of water and wastewater. This discussion will take place during an online webinar titled “Maharashtra’s NetZero Vision: Manufacturing & Corporates” on December 21st. Additionally, Me. Deshpande will be a speaker at a conference in Mumbai in February 2024.

For more information on joining the online webinar, please refer to this link.

Clearford India is delighted to welcome Aditya Soni, Mechanical Engineer and AutoCAD designer, to join our team located at Clearford’s Ahmedabad office.

As we anticipate more interesting updated in the near future, we invite you to stay informed about Clearford’s projects in both India and Canada by subscribing to our newsletter.

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