Multiple Projects, Various Phases: Clearford India Update Q1 2021

By Sanjay Deshpande, Executive Director & Head of Operations, Clearford India

Like many organizations, Clearford India spent the majority of the 2020 year following COVID-19 emergency measures and preparing for the developing public health challenges. Our ability to quickly adapt was at the forefront of our day-to-day operations and has continued into the 2021 year. Clearford entered the new year with a new strategy in place to manage existing operations and pursue opportunities with prospective clients. With multiple projects in various phases, site-specific strategies became critical in effectively moving projects forward while continuing to adhere to COVID-19 regulations.

Projects Completed

Alwa Village Phase 3, Gujarat – While working in conjunction with our Client, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering (L&THE), the Clearford team, completed all Phase 3 deliverables in Q1 2021. With the conclusion of Phase 3, Clearford has submitted the final project report and are in discussions with the Client regarding Phase 4 works. Our team is prepared to commence Phase 4 in April upon award. It is imperative that Clearford remains on standby so that Phase 4 can commence immediately to ensure three months of work can be done before the start of the Monsoon period in India.

Projects Underway

Plot Pada Village, Maharashtra – Due to COVID-19 restrictions and monsoon rains, this project was restarted in mid-November 2020 and has continued to move forward since then. In Q1 of this year, an extensive amount of work has been done at this site, including the laying of the entire pipe network and construction work on the two sewage treatment plants.

Pictured: Optimized Agriculture Field with Crops for School Meals

To complement our Q1 efforts, our partner, Anarde Foundation, has begun training the villagers to optimize farm yields and the treated water from the Clearford One™ system. These efforts will further enhance local food security and income and further emphasizes Clearford’s focus on building a sustainable economy.

As part of this project, Clearford will be adding a solar powered treated water network that is designed to transport the treated water to a distribution tank located amidst local agricultural fields. This model installation will be the first of its kind in India.


Poondi Phase 2, Tamil Nadu – Following the completion of all design related work in Q4 2020, the Clearford India team and our NGO partner for the Voice Foundation (the Indian branch of the Canadian NGO Children Believe), began the process of contractor identification and signing. Post the completion of this part work at the village of Arunthathiyar Colony commenced and is expected to complete in Q2 2021. At this project we will be installing the Clearford One to service 42 homes, building 8 toilets and repairing 6 others that are in poor condition. The installation here will improve the lives of 186 people.

Project Pipeline

In addition to the rural projects underway, at least two, potentially three, more projects are expected to commence in Q2 2021. The Clearford India team has begun the identification of corporate clients who have large industrial units and are looking to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge and/or ensuring the clients manufacturing plants water security. As part of this process, site visits for data gathering were completed for three industrial plant residential townships in the states of Odisha, Kerala and Jharkhand, with proposals submitted to two of them and a third in design stage. Design work at another project has also commenced, where the unique combined Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability initiative developed in late Q4 2020 is to be executed.

Throughout these project efforts, the Clearford India team sought value in dedicating part of Q1 to further the communications of using the Clearford One system versus conventional sewers and treatment plants. In doing so, we performed a detailed analysis using data from two different projects and found that the Clearford One configuration used in India averaged 15% and 80% lower in terms of Capital Expenditure (CapEx) and Operating Expense (OPEX) costs respectively over a 10 year period.

With hard work and a dynamic team, our projects are back on track from the delays last year and 2021 looks to be a positive year for Clearford India. Although we are prepared and optimistic for the year to come, we remain mindful of the fluctuating COVID-19 restrictions. As we enter Q2, we see a pipeline towards our existing operations coming to fruition and opportunity to execute more larger and unique projects.

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