Clearford India Update Q3 2022

By Sanjay Deshpande, Executive Director & Head of Operations, Clearford India Rains across India have been unusually heavy in this year’s monsoon season. At one of our sites located deep in the heart of the Rajasthan Desert, the rainfall broke a 150-year-old record and the village of Kharia Khangar was flooded for the entire month […]

Collaboration, Commitment, and Clean-Up: An Insider’s Look into Clearford’s First Nations Operations

Clearford expanded its water management service offering to First Nations in April 2022. Working closely with a Southwestern Ontario First Nation community (the Reserve or the Band) over the past two quarters has led to the successful operation of the water treatment plant and the delivery of potable water to members of the Reserve. Managing and […]

Clearford Expands Service Offering into Remote Operations

Clearford continues to leverage operations skills by expanding into remote operations of Mining, and Oil and Gas facilities. Clearford started as a small company offering a wastewater collection system based on the effluent sewer. with less than 10 employees and a service area comprising a few installed sites, Clearford operated in a narrow wastewater treatment […]

Clearford India Update Q1 & Q2 2022

By Sanjay Deshpande, Executive Director & Head of Operations, Clearford India Signing new contracts, and completing existing projects made for a busy first half of the 2022 year. Projects Completed Plot Pada Village, Maharashtra –The Clearford One™ system installation concluded with the delivery and installation of a custom designed solar system to power the treated […]

Clearford Expands Services into First Nations Communities

Clearford is offering its water and wastewater operations, compliance, and engineering services to First Nations clients. Clearford currently provides these essential services to decentralized communities, small municipalities, and remote mines, and will now expand these services to First Nations communities. Operating water facilities for First Nations is a unique opportunity that requires a willingness to […]

Project Execution Resumes: Clearford India Update Q4 2021

By Sanjay Deshpande, Executive Director & Head of Operations, Clearford India Cautious optimism led the Clearford India team throughout Quarter 4 of the 2021 year. COVID-19 Delta variant cases dropped drastically in India and by early October, most of the country was largely free of the virus. Further reopening the economy by lifting more and […]

A Case Study on Managing a Remote Mine Site, the Yukon

Foreseen & Unforeseen Challenges in Remote Mine Water Operations [View or download PDF] Project Overview Location: The Yukon, Canada Challenge: Managing a remote mine site poses several considerations when assembling an operations team. It demands a flexible, dynamic team to provide organization, commitment, and expertise to properly commission and operate a mine water treatment system. […]

A Break in the Pandemic: Clearford India Update Q3 2021

By Sanjay Deshpande, Executive Director & Head of Operations, Clearford India India began to see a decline in COVID-19 cases towards the end of July and by mid August, most of India had reopened partially or fully. Lifting of restrictions expanded Clearford India business development networking opportunity, complementing virtual efforts with in-person conversations with prospective […]

Clearford Opens Tenth Operations Hub

Changing market conditions presented Clearford with an opportunity to expand our existing operations in Thunder Bay, ON, where we only had one site, into our tenth full operations hub. Hub expansion considerations Examine target market – assess target market to understand the population size, expansion opportunity, competition, and profitability. Understand client and community – research […]

Logistics in Managing a Remote Mining Site

Although there is some overlap, mining water treatment is unlike most sectors in the water and wastewater industry. At the core of water and wastewater treatment operations, there is compliance, engineering, and operations & maintenance. However, when referring to water operations at a remote mining site, there are additional logistics to be considered. Key elements […]

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