Andrew Vitaterna New VP Business Developme

Introducing Clearford’s new VP of Operations Business Development, Andrew Vitaterna

Building a great water and wastewater management business is no different from building a great company in another industry: you start by bringing together the best people. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Andrew Vitaterna, one of the many talented professionals who recently joined our team when Clearford acquired ASI Water. Prior to the acquisition, Mr. Vitaterna had […]

Clearford and ASI Water join forces to deliver integrated water operations

Delivering safe drinking water and reliable sanitation takes a team effort. On May 15, we expanded our team and strengthened our capabilities by joining forces with ASI Water, a water and wastewater management business based in Stoney Creek, Ontario. Announcing the merging of organizations, Kevin Loiselle, President and CEO of Clearford, said, “We are eager […]

Sanjay Deshpande named one of the Most Impactful Smart City Leaders on World CSR Day 2019

Sanjay Deshpande, the Executive Director & Head of Operations for Clearford India Pvt. Ltd., has recently been awarded one of the 51 Most Impactful Smart City Leaders globally. The World CSR Day attracts leaders from Asia, Africa and North America and has been a landmark event of strategic significance to the Smart City Work over the […]

Demonstrating the potential for greener factories in India: Mahindra pilot project

India is an economic powerhouse, but as its economy and population continue to grow, so does the strain on the country’s water resources. This has led to a nationwide push to make factories greener by boosting the reuse of wastewater, with the ultimate aim of zero liquid discharge (ZLD). Clearford India is playing an active role […]

Safer water for a cleaner countryside: Community sanitation projects in India

Access to safe, clean water can help families and communities thrive. That’s one of the key motivations behind two ongoing Clearford India projects – one in Poondi village, Tamil Nadu, and the other in Alwa village, Gujarat. Both projects commenced in 2018 and involve the installation of Clearford One systems to treat sanitation wastewater for agricultural […]

Clearford Continues to Deliver On-Site Sanitation Systems in India

Clearford India Private Ltd. is near to delivering its fourth on-site sanitation system for commercial and industrial developments in India. With Clearford One’s innovative and reliable technologies, the company has successfully handed over the operation of its wastewater collection and treatment facility system installed at the McCain Foods facility in Mehsana District in February 2019. While offering […]

Clearford Delivers Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plant to YOW1 Warehouse in Ottawa

As previously announced in September 2018, Ottawa-based Clearford Water Systems was awarded a design-build contract with Broccolini to supply a wastewater treatment plant for the new one-million-square-foot YOW1 Warehouse located in Ottawa’s east end. Clearford undertook the design and custom manufacturing of a packaged Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) plant with capacity to treat up to 225 […]

Clearford delivers two treatment plants in New York State

The Clearford engineering and production teams have been busy undertaking the detailed design, manufacturing and site works for two custom M‑brane™ treatment plants in the Hudson River Valley. Developers of new residential communities and tourism destinations in this part of New York State are seeking leading-edge water servicing solutions that combine advanced treatment technologies, operability, […]

Acquisition expands Clearford’s product and service offering

Clearford took a big step in November 2017 to create a new kind of water company that delivers unified water infrastructure solutions with sector-leading efficiency and reliability. The acquisition of Koester Canada and Team Aquatic has expanded Clearford’s business model beyond the Clearford One™ system. The award-winning wastewater system will remain a core offering of the […]

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