Clearford M-Brane

Supporting your unique land development project at an affordable cost

Why Clearford M-Brane?

  • Scalable
  • Modular
  • Cost Effective
  • Low Impact
  • Complete Solution


Add on or take away treatment units to match your flow characteristics


Configure the treatment process and equipment that meet your requirements

Cost Effective

Save time, space and money with our custom-fabricated systems

Low Impact

Off-site manufacturing minimizes the environmental footprint at the site

Complete Solution

All the pieces and assembly included—just plug and play for clean water

The M-brane Advantage

Bundled with Clearford’s other offerings, M-brane provides the most comprehensive lifecycle solution for managed, decentralized water treatment. Clearford’s end-to-end solution includes:

• Customized design and manufacturing
• Flexible and affordable project financing
• Water treatment system operations



Decentralized systems facilitate sustainable development by:
• Lowering environmental impacts to land and water
• Keeping water resources within the watershed
• Recharging groundwater supplies
• Maintaining stream base flows
• Recovering nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients for beneficial reuse
• Reusing treated wastewater for toilets, irrigation and fire protection


Featured Project

[Silo Ridge, optional – Fetherston]


The Clearford Difference

Build on the efficiency of M-brane with Clearford’s suite of tailored water solutions:

Find out how M-brane and Clearford can support your unique land development project.

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