Clearford One

A complete solution for affordable wastewater servicing in your community

Why Clearford One?

  • Scalable
  • Modular
  • Cost Effective
  • Low Impact
  • Complete Solution


Unconstrained by minimum flows and easily expandable


Flexibility to build the sanitary system that fits your project

Cost Effective

Infrastructure that saves on construction and operating costs

Low Impact

Enabling big resource recovery potential in a small footprint

Complete Solution

Fully integrated wastewater systems for communities

How It Works

Clearford One is an effective three-stage wastewater servicing solution, whereas conventional systems use only two parts for collection and treatment of wastewater. The key to Clearford One efficiencies is the on-site pre-treatment stage, called ClearDigest. The pre-treated effluent is then collected and treated in the optimized ClearConvey and ClearRecover stages.

ClearDigest removes solids at the source, performing primary and partial secondary treatment before releasing liquid effluent to the ClearConvey pipe network. Solids are digested to greatly reduce the volume of organic material and hydraulic loading. ClearDigest is only pumped out after decades of normal use.

ClearConvey is a network of Small Bore Sewer pipes that carries liquids without any infiltration to an optimized facility for final treatment. Reduced contaminants in the liquid effluent allow for more efficient recovery of clean water using the ClearRecover treatment package

ClearRecover is a treatment facility right-sized to match the reduced hydraulic loading and effluent characteristics from ClearDigest. It can take different forms depending on local conditions and project requirements, ranging from membrane bioreactor to constructed wetland.

The Clearford One Advantage

This complete servicing solution is fully engineered to your site conditions for low impact installation and sustainable operation.

  • Modular and scalable from small to large developments
  • Water service enabling for decentralized and remote sites
  • Requiring minimal resources for maintenance over 90-year life cycle


  • New developments, including phased residential and mixed land use
  • Resorts and recreational sites
  • Retrofits for existing unserviced communities and facilities
  • Collection systems connecting to existing sewers with limited capacity
  • Collection systems for decentralized wastewater treatment
  • Areas with challenging topographic and hydrogeological conditions
  • Rural and remote areas that may lack reliable water and power supply
  • Low water use communities

Featured Project

[Fetherston, also – Jambudiyapura, Cayunda]


The Clearford Difference

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