Corporate Qualifications

Clearford Water Systems Inc. is the largest operators of private water and wastewater systems in Ontario with over 250 sites across the province. Our diverse team of licensed engineers, certified operators and technical staff provide total solutions that meet the water management needs of owners, property managers, and communities.

Clearford delivers the entire solution with a full team that includes cross-functional in-house designers, engineers, technical specialists, compliance experts, construction oversight services, and health & safety combined with the reliability of drinking water and wastewater operators who are Licensed/Certified by the Ministry of the Environment.

Health & Safety Qualifications

Clearford has developed a comprehensive workplace safety program that demonstrates the commitment and involvement of ownership, management, and employees. Clear objectives and responsibilities help create and maintain safe regulatory compliance for working environments and benefit employees and owners alike.

Clearford has maintained an excellent safety record in managing high-risk activities. We are proud of our safety performance, with no critical injuries during our history of operations since 2008. To maintain this safety record and meet our commitment to employees, we apply the best available technology to eliminate the risks and hazards that could affect the safety of our employees and owners.

At Clearford, we pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of compliance, and we have established a safety based corporate culture by continually meeting, or exceeding owner’s expectations, and provide training to all –employees on all relevant regulations and standards.

Third-Party Compliance

Ontario Drinking Water Quality Management Standard

In addition to the third-party compliance, Clearford has been accredited with the Ontario Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS) accreditation. Taking responsibility for the management of a drinking water system is a serious commitment. Provincial regulations set very high standards of performance to ensure that owners of water systems deliver safe water to the public.

A poorly managed drinking water system can cause significant negative impacts to health and undermine a community’s confidence in its ability to provide adequate services to its residents. Hence, it is vital that we effectively manage our drinking water systems.

Clearford has been accredited by a third party to meet all the requirements of the Ontario Drinking Water Quality Management Standard. The DWQMS accreditation is required to manage all municipal water systems.

A common misconception about maintaining a safe drinking water system is that it only involves the water quality test results complying with the relevant Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002. However, drinking water quality testing can only provide a representation of the water quality at the time and location of sampling and is only one of the many tools required to effectively manage a reliable drinking water system. A well-managed drinking water system must have an Operational Plan that consider all of the elements, from the reservoir to the tap.

Clearford employs a team of experienced drinking water quality specialists in engineering, manufacturing, and operations, who are able to assist with all areas of an effective drinking water quality management system. From the President & CEO of the Corporation, to the part-time OIT Operator in the field, all employees are expected to take responsibility for the delivery of safe water and contributing to the continual improvement of the twenty-one-element framework of Ontario’s Drinking Water Quality Management Standard.

The commitment to provide treatment plant owners and consumers with safe and reliable drinking water are based on the components of the Operational Plan and will further establish Clearford as a partner prepared to take the responsibility of delivering operations that meet Provincial regulations and ensure safe drinking water to the public.

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