Clearford Engineering Services Group supports the operations team through investigations and studies which lead to recommended improvements, identifying deficiencies, and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Clearford Operations Group. The Engineering Services Group includes a dynamic team of experts with many years of experience in water and wastewater systems management. Our comprehensive technical expertise enables us to respond to any complex challenge regarding water and the environment.

Clearford’s team of professional engineers and technicians work together with our licensed operators to reduce costs and improve performance of our client’s systems through the application of advanced engineering principles and hands-on experience. Our Instrumentation, Automation, and SCADA group have extensive knowledge of the latest hardware and software used in the industry.  Working closely with the operations team, engineering group has developed a strong understanding of practical maintenance requirements along with the preferred equipment choices for specific applications to ensure optimized operation and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment plants, regardless of the technology deployed.

Right from the initial feasibility, approval, and design phases of a project, Clearford will dedicate a team of water and wastewater treatment experts to find the right solution for each client’s unique circumstances. Each of our project team members are highly qualified and experienced to manage and contribute to all sizes of multi­disciplinary engineering projects. Our engineering team has a proven track record delivering success with regulators including MECP, Ministry of Natural Resources, conservation authorities, as well as local, regional, and provincial governments.