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Smart Solutions
Clearford delivers optimized smart treatment solutions for communities of all sizes, when and where you need them — high performance water and wastewater treatment plus all of the infrastructure and services you need.
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Decentralized Developments
Unlock the value of your development with cost-effective and phasable servicing configured to fit your site's specific needs.
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Risk-Free Operations
Water and wastewater infrastructure doesn't run itself.
Count on Clearford to maintain your core assets and manage the environmental and financial security of your water treatment system.
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  • abril 29, 2022
    Clearford Water Systems Inc. Files a Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal under the BIA
  • enero 5, 2022
    Clearford Announces Additional US$195,000 Term Loan
  • diciembre 14, 2021
    Clearford Announces Additional US$250,000 Term Loans, Audit Chair Resigns
  • septiembre 14, 2021
    Clearford Announces Additional US$2,000,000 Term Loans
  • julio 23, 2021
    Clearford Announces Additional US$1,400,000 Term Loans
  • junio 30, 2021
    Clearford Announces Additional US$3,250,000 Term Loans
  • mayo 10, 2021
    Clearford Announces Additional US$4,275,000 Term Loans
  • febrero 1, 2021
    Clearford Announces AGM Update and Changes to Board
  • diciembre 21, 2020
    Clearford Announces Additional US$900,000 Term Loans
  • diciembre 3, 2020
    Clearford Announces New US$1.3 Million Term Loans

Why Clearford?

  • Scalable
  • Modular
  • Cost Effective
  • Low Impact
  • Managed
  • Reliable


Decentralized infrastructure that is sized to fit and ready to grow


Build the solution you need from our curated products and services

Cost Effective

Appropriate technologies with predictable life-cycle costing

Low Impact

Complete and compact solutions that meet your environmental objectives


Full accountability during all project stages from a single supplier


Fully engineered systems delivered by our team of experienced professionals