Clearford Begins Registration Process for Carbon Credit Eligibility

Ottawa, Ontario – (August 23, 2011) – Clearford Industries Inc. (“Clearford” or the “Company”, TSX-V:CLI) today announced that it has retained L2I Financial Solutions (L2I) to actively manage the registration process of Clearford’s Small Bore Sewer™ (SBS™) to be verified as being eligible to attract carbon credits by the Executive Board of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Clearford’s SBS™ System is designed for the distributed anaerobic disgestion of solid sewage and the centralized treatment of the liquids to be re-claimed. This allows for the capture of bio-gas, primarily consisting of methane, which can then used to generate electricity. The capture and conversion process reduces the emission of greenhouse gases by allowing the use of recovered methane to generate electricity instead of being released into the atmosphere. Methane emissions are generally accepted to be over 20 times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide.

The carbon credit trading market is currently valued at over US$60 billion annually.” commented Clearford President and CEO Bruce Linton. “Our patented sanitary sewer system is unique in its potential to allow our customers to generate energy and carbon credits from its use that can more than offset the operational costs of the system. The carbon credit certification can allow our customers an option to monetize up to 10 years forward of carbon credits attributable to the use of our SBS™ which can be used to pay for the upfront financing of waste collection and treatment projects. This is especially important in the developing world, which is our core market, and where access to capital is scarce.

We are pleased to work with an innovative company like Clearford who is a leader in its industry. We look forward to further developing our relationship with Clearford to provide environmentally beneficial solutions for communities all around the world.” says Mr. Yves Legault, Vice President at L2I Financial Solutions.

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About Clearford Industries Inc.

Clearford Industries Inc. (TSX-V: CLI) is the developer of the patented Small Bore Sewer ™ (SBS™), a watertight small diameter wastewater collection system that provides servicing with superior operational and environmental performance at a significantly lower cost when compared to historic gravity sewers. Clearford’s SBS™ technology and industry expertise provide the enabling platform to deliver, on a global basis, turnkey, fixed-price wastewater collection, treatment and energy generation solutions that are ideally suited for water-scarce regions, those with unreliable water distribution networks, and new developments seeking a greener approach to water and wastewater management. For more information on Clearford, please visit

About L2I Financial Solutions.

L2I is a leading player in the field of alternative financing, climate and environmental finance. L2I designs, develops and delivers innovative and sustainable financial solutions for established or rising small and medium size companies that are key players of the low carbon and knowledge based economy. L2I works with a wide spectrum of companies such as waste management, real estate, service, manufactures as well as energy and resource driven companies. The firm’s aim is to support growth and new ventures by using alternative sources of financing such as: climate finance including carbon, biodiversity and renewable finance, government assistance, structured financing as well as international financing. L2I’s input is an important trigger to close large and complex financings because we provide leverage for investment. For more information on L2I, please visit

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