Clearford P4P Financing

Pay-for-Performance (P4P) is our project financing program that combines the reliability of Clearford water solutions with our professional project delivery and long term operations services. Qualified customers can take advantage of financial engineering that removes the need for capital investment while providing guaranteed performance of all water and wastewater infrastructure requirements.

Contact us to find out if your project qualifies for this innovative water infrastructure delivery model that guarantees the quality and performance of your system for years to come.

With Clearford P4P, you pay for water services not infrastructure.

What is P4P financing?

  • Pay for PerformanceThe customer enters into a long-term Services Agreement for the delivery of water and/or wastewater services.
  • Clearford arranges for independent ownership of the existing and/or new water infrastructure.
  • There is no upfront cost to the customer—only a fixed monthly service fee, subject only to inflation.
  • Clearford enters into a long term operations and maintenance agreement with the new owner, assuming all responsibility for service delivery and regulatory compliance.

How does it work?

  • Clearford works with the customer to establish the project requirements.
  • Clearford provides full engineering services and project management for the design, approval and construction of the system.
  • The customer reviews and approves the project specifications.
  • Clearford meets all of the regulatory requirements and obtains all approvals.
  • Clearford provides licensed Operators for full-service operation and maintenance of the system over the period of the Services Agreement.

How is P4P financing possible?

  • The increased performance and efficiency of Clearford design optimized systems results in significant life cycle cost reductions.  .
  • The private institutional investors assumes risk for construction and operation, while amortizing the capital costs over the full lifespan of the infrastructure.
  • The high quality and long term reliability of the system ensure stable operation and lower life cycle cost.

Why choose P4P financing?

  • No risk to the customer—no initial cost, no borrowing.
  • Your project is enabled through responsible and accountable servicing.
  • On-demand availability of funding—no waiting for government grants or private borrowing arrangements.
  • Efficient time and technical delivery under DBFOM model—the design, construction and operation teams work together to implement the lowest cost long-term solution.
  • Full accountability for environmental protection and competitive user cost.