By confirming construction quality for our projects, we ensure the site installation and commissioning of water and wastewater systems meet the design specifications using quality materials and workmanship. With over 21 years of experience installing water and wastewater systems worldwide, Clearford knows how to complete projects on time and on budget.

Our focus on quality starts during the design stage when we consider the ideal technology based on site specific conditions using locally available materials and construction services where possible. This results in  top quality service delivery over the full life cycle of the system. It also ensures that there are minimal disruptions and maintenance  costs in the future.


Clearford ensures all systems are delivered and installed according design specifications, including on-site certifications and commissioning. We also provide design and construction services for existing treatment facilities in need of major equipment maintenance, replacement, retrofitting and upgrades. Our experienced team will optimize your infrastructure to improve performance and overall cost effectiveness through strategic asset analysis.