Why Clearford Waterworks?

  • Cost Effective
  • Low Impact
  • Managed
  • Reliable
  • Complete Solution

Cost Effective

Management services for predictable long-term facility expenses

Low Impact

Facilities benefit from optimized electricity and chemical use


Access to licensed professionals and the latest industry resources


24/7 technical support with operators on-call across Ontario

Complete Solution

Our team can handle everything from concept design to long-term operations and regulatory reporting

A Team You Can Count On

Field services are delivered by Clearford Waterworks Inc. (Clearford) one of the industry leading providers of licensed water treatment operators in Ontario. Our team of specialists offers full-service operations and management of water supply and wastewater treatment systems.

Operating Expertise

The Clearford team has extensive experience managing a range of water and wastewater systems including:

  • Communal drinking water systems
  • Well and surface water treatment plants
  • Membrane bioreactor plants
  • Activated sludge and extended aeration plants
  • Sequencing batch reactors
  • Biofilters and rotating biological contactors
  • Recirculating sand filters
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Facultative lagoons
  • Remote water and wastewater systems

Featured Project

Fetherston Park, Ontario

The Fetherston Park is a 41-unit residential community located 60 km south of Ottawa, Ontario. The original water infrastructure dating back 50 years included a small drinking water system, sanitary sewers and five communal septic systems. After decades of poor maintenance of onsite water systems, the existing infrastructure threatened public health and the local environment. Clearford worked with the community to create technical and financial solutions for the complete replacement of water and wastewater infrastructure at the site, including a Clearford One system with containerized M-brane treatment plant funded through the Clearford P4P program.




The Clearford Difference

Find out how Clearford can provide your community with long-term peace of mind through ongoing water treatment operations.


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