By managing construction for our projects, we oversee the site installation of water systems to ensure that the project objectives are realized with quality materials and workmanship. With over 25 years of experience installing water systems worldwide, Clearford knows how to get projects done on time and on budget.

Our focus on constructability starts during the design stage when we consider the locally available materials and construction techniques that will deliver quality infrastructure for the life cycle of the system—up to 90 years for underground components. This ensures that there are minimal disruptions and renewal costs in the future, and that resources are available locally for future work, whether for maintenance or expansion of the water systems.

We deliver and fully install our treatment systems at your site, including on-site certifications and commissioning. We also provide design and construction services for existing treatment facilities in need of major equipment maintenance, replacement, retrofitting and upgrades. Our experienced team will optimize your infrastructure to improve performance and overall cost effectiveness through strategic asset analysis.