Clearford is committed to the performance of our water systems.

We also understand that water infrastructure is a costly investment—one with technical, operational, environmental and financial risks that can greatly impact the long term prosperity of a community or facility if those risks are not adequately managed.

That’s why we take an integrated approach to water management that targets life cycle sustainability for water and wastewater infrastructure. We invest the time and expertise to deliver affordable and reliable solutions and services with full accountability throughout the project implementation phases.

By choosing Clearford’s finance services, the long term viability and performance of your project are assured through our award winning Pay-for-Performance (P4P) program. Qualified customers are guaranteed performance of our full suite of water solutions and services procured through a Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Maintain (DBFOM) model, all for a fixed monthly service fee.

Learn more about our P4P financing solution.

Contact us to find out if your project qualifies for this innovative water infrastructure delivery model that guarantees the quality and performance of your system for years to come.