Packaged Water Treatment Solutions

We are a turnkey water treatment provider serving the municipal, commercial and industrial markets. Our Clearford Koester Canada division designs and fabricates custom packaged solutions in our shop in Hamilton, Ontario, where systems undergo rigorous quality checks and safety certifications.

Clearford M-brane™ modular skid-mounted systems and containerized plants achieve the greatest cost and space efficiencies. In keeping with our life cycle design approach, we take care when selecting materials, equipment and manufacturing techniques so that the final products are built to last in even the harshest environments.

Each Clearford treatment plant is configured for ease of operation based on our years of experience working in different types of water treatment facilities. We know that a well designed and fabricated plant saves operator time and resources, especially over the long term as equipment is maintained and replaced, and treatment processes are optimized to achieve top performance for the lowest cost.

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Clearford UV

Clearford UV solutions by UV Pure® are manufactured advanced ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems for potable, wastewater, rainwater, and reuse water applications featuring patented Crossfire Technology®. We offer a full range of certified and validated products and design solutions that can accommodate flows up to 3,800 cubic metres per day (1 million gallons per day)—from individual units to fully-customizable fabricated multiplex manifolds and industry-standard enclosure cabinets for plug-and-play deployment.

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