Clearford M-brane

Reliable water treatment is the core of what we do, whether it’s producing safe drinking water or recovering wastewater for beneficial reuse.

Clearford understands the latest advances in treatment technologies and integrates them in our custom-made treatment solutions. More than the latest technology, our solutions are engineered to meet your project requirements for performance, cost, and operability.

Clearford M-brane is a packaged water treatment solution enabled by advanced membrane technology and incorporating the latest smart monitoring systems for industry-leading water treatment efficiency. The solution is customized to the specific needs of your application and can be deployed into new or existing water systems, or included as part of an optimized Clearford One wastewater installation.

Clearford M-brane modular skid-mounted systems and containerized plants are designed and fabricated by Clearford Koester Canada in our Hamilton, Ontario manufacturing facility and shipped to your site for rapid and reliable deployment.

Learn more about our M-brane treatment solutions at the Clearford Koester Canada website.