Clearford UV Pure Sales

Clearford UV ultraviolet disinfection solutions by UV Pure Technologies are available in the following countries and globally through our network of distributors.

North America – Canada and USA
Latin America – Brazil, Colombia, Mexico
Europe – Ireland, UK
Middle East – Kuwait
Asia – Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam
Oceania – Australia, New Zealand

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UV Pure systems have been deployed in over 18,000 installations worldwide including North America, Australia, New Zealand, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, and in Africa. Crossfire Technology® was selected by Boeing for water treatment on the new 787 Dreamliner aircraft, and is trusted by water industry leaders SUEZ (formerly GE Water), Evoqua (formerly Siemens Water), the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Premier Tech Aqua, Veolia, CH2M and Arcadis, among others.

UV Pure Projects

Alderville First Nation, Ontario, Canada
A joint-government pilot program is demonstrating the benefits of decentralized point-of-entry (POE) drinking water supply and treatment with UV Pure disinfection to bring affordable, safe water to the First Nation community of Alderville, Ontario. The project, led by the Canadian unit of the global engineering design firm Arcadis, provides a complete multibarrier POE water treatment system for each of the 33 homes in the community to improve water quality and protect residents from waterborne pathogens. Each residential system is installed outside of the home in an insulated, heated enclosure that combines water softening and filtration with an easy-to-operate UV Pure disinfection system.

Read the full Alderville case study by UV Pure Technologies [PDF].


Progresar Water Utility, Bogotá, Colombia
When regulators in Colombia strengthened the standards and enforcement of water treatment processes, Progresar E.S.P. was a leader in implementing changes to meet the new regulations aimed at protecting public health from chlorine-resistant pathogens such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. The water services company added ultraviolet (UV) disinfection to a potable water treatment plant serving about 5,000 residents in a suburb of Bogotá. The plant draws water from the nearby Teusacá River, where water quality is negatively impacted by agricultural operations and treated effluent discharged from upriver wastewater facilities. UV Pure units are installed in a modular manifold system, providing significant operational flexibility and system reliability for the growing community.

Read the full Progresar case study by UV Pure Technologies [PDF].


GO Transit Bus Wash, Ontario, Canada
GO buses are being washed with harvested rainwater in Hamilton, Ontario as part of an initiative by the Metrolinx regional transit service to reduce water demand and improve stormwater management at its new bus service and storage facility. To help protect staff from accidental inhalation of aerosols or ingestion of wash water, a UV Pure system was installed following a vortex pre-treatment unit and filters to eliminate pathogens such as E. coli and Legionella. Although rainwater collected from rooftops often looks clear, it can contain dissolved organics that impede conventional disinfection technologies. The unique patented UV Pure design uses elliptical reflectors that reduce shadowing and meet the disinfection requirements.

Read the full GO Bus Wash case study by UV Pure Technologies [PDF].


Greenhouse Wastewater Treatment, Ontario, Canada
Most agricultural operations rely on onsite septic systems to treat sanitary wastewater—an approach that renders a large area of land unusable for production since it is needed to accommodate a subsurface discharge field. A greenhouse operation in Southwestern Ontario has recovered valuable production land by installing an advanced biological wastewater treatment system by Waterloo Biofilter complete with UV Pure disinfection. The high quality treated effluent can be safely released to the environment or reuse for irrigation and other non-potable applications. Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is simpler and safer to operate than chemical systems, while the compact modular UV Pure design saves space and offers greater operational flexibility.

Read the full Greenhouse case study by UV Pure Technologies [PDF].


Desert Camp Treated Wastewater Reuse, Algeria
A remote camp in the Algerian desert had been trucking wastewater to a far-away treatment facility at great expense for years. A mobile treatment plant by Island Water Technologies was delivered to site—finally making cost-effective onsite wastewater management a reality. The high quality treated effluent can be safely reused in the arid desert for landscape irrigation. The treatment plant supplier chose a UV Pure disinfection system because of its low complexity that operators can quickly learn to support. The automatic self-cleaning quartz sleeve, air-mounted lamps, and smart sensor diagnostics make regular and emergency maintenance easier, especially for remote installations.

Read the full Desert Camp case study by UV Pure Technologies [PDF].