Remote Operations

Clearford’s role in this sector is operating and maintaining treatment systems for tailings ponds, and the mine camps domestic sewage and drinking water systems. These systems may be mobile containerized or permanent systems. Clearford’s operating team works around the clock to meet stringent discharge requirements and water quality responsibilities and along with a strict preventative maintenance program to ensure the systems operate reliably with no down time.

Although there is some overlap, mining water treatment is unlike most sectors in the water and wastewater industry. At the core of water and wastewater treatment operations, there is compliance, engineering, and operations & maintenance. However, when referring to water operations at a remote mining site, there are additional logistics to be considered. Key elements included travel and accommodations, remote and local staffing, wildlife, extreme climates, emergency plans, and much more.

Managing a remote mine is especially challenging due to the difficultly of supplying staff and materials to such distant sites. It also poses several special considerations when assembling an effective operations team. It demands a flexible, dynamic team to provide organization, commitment, and expertise to properly commission and operate mine water and wastewater treatment systems. Remote mine site management can be challenging and when the complexity of adhering to the ever-changing COVID-19 public health measures are factored in, a dynamic multi-tiered project management plan is essential.

Currently, Clearford has remote operations efforts in the Yukon Northern Ontario and Nunavut.


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Andrew Vitaterna, VP of Business Development